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Energy efficiency for the hospitality industry

Reduce energy use and improve operations at your hotels.

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Upgrade your hotels

Get high-efficiency equipment upgrades for your hotels’ lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning at no upfront cost.

Reduce carbon footprint

Energy efficiency is key to reducing your carbon footprint and meeting energy conservation and decarbonization goals. Budderfly makes it easy.

Energy as a Service

Hotels are complex businesses that typically require a lot of energy to meet guests’ needs, from air conditioning, food storage and preparation, to 24/7 lighting throughout facilities. This can make energy management for the hospitality industry a complex undertaking. That’s why more hotels are turning to Energy-as-a-Service partners to help lower energy usage and boost sustainability for existing locations and new builds. With an EaaS partner like Budderfly, hotels can get:

Our unique business model gives hotels all the benefits of energy efficiency and on-site solar without the cost, hassle, or risk.

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Budderfly thermostat at a hotel.

What do you get out of it?

Hotel energy efficiency upgrades are more important than ever to meet carbon neutrality commitments and net zero goals. Working with Budderfly removes the stress and cost of energy efficiency upgrades, whether at five locations or 500. You get a better guest environment, a reduced carbon footprint, and lower energy consumption.

Lower energy usage

Equipment upgrades to energy efficient models create energy savings for owners.

Budderfly has saved customers over $25 million in energy costs to date.

Carbon footprint reduction

Reach your sustainability goals by lessening dependence on fossil fuels.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses reduce their emissions and we provide insightful sustainability data to measure reductions.

Ease of management

Budderfly’s fully outsourced model saves time and energy.

We install, manage, maintain, and monitor all equipment and technology. Our patented billing system streamlines utility bills into one monthly statement.

Budderfly thermostat in a hotel room.

We’re investing in your future

Budderfly helps improve energy efficiency in the hospitality industry with upgrades that elevate the guest experience while lowering energy usage. We provide all the capital required and oversee every step of the way. We’ve helped over 6,000 business across the U.S., and we can help yours, too.

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