Budderfly Leadership

Working together for a common cause. Working together to make a better world.

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The Budderfly Team

We come from all different backgrounds. We have different areas of expertise. But we’re all working for the same goal: to do our part to help the planet.

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People who care about sustainability

We’re mission-oriented, and that mission is developing better ways for businesses to become sustainable, save money, and reduce their overall carbon footprint.


People who drive positive outcomes

It’s a marathon not a sprint. We all come to work excited to imagine and engineer new solutions every single day. It’s what drives us.


People who value teamwork

We’re working together on a common cause. On our team, everyone is encouraged to be part of our growth and the solution to challenges. CEO or first day, we do this together.


People who care about the future

We want to make sure the world we leave behind is healthy. We want to do the work it takes to create better ways to conserve energy, increase efficiency, and decarbonize our impact.

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Do you care about these things as much as we do?

We’re a tech company looking for talented people who share our mission of working together to create a sustainable planet. Come work with us!

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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

The best people offer the best solutions

We’re actively working to make these values the cornerstone of our mission. We understand that there is more work to be done, and we are committed to incorporating them into everything we do.

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Leading the industry

Our leadership team’s passion for innovation helps Budderfly to sustain above-average growth and meet the needs of thousands of businesses nationwide. We are committed to delivering optimal outcomes to our customers.

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