Changing everything. Charging nothing.

The Budderfly Effect

It’s Happening Now


Thousands of our customers already know what the Budderfly Effect means to the way businesses use and save energy. Budderfly provides all of the capital and installs, maintains, and upgrades all the technology. We unlock and recover the wasted cost of inefficient energy consumption from your operations while allowing you to avoid costly capital investments. You simply enjoy a smaller, simpler energy bill, a greener facility, and the ability to focus your money where it belongs: growing your business. This one change is changing everything, across a growing range of industries.

Budderfly is changing the way businesses manage and save energy with customized, risk-free partnership solutions across a growing range of industries.


Your Quick Service (QSR), Casual or Fine dining establishments can realize continuous energy savings thanks to Budderfly’s efficiency upgrades, comprehensive monitoring and energy management. Your customers and staff will appreciate being in a more comfortable, pleasant-looking, environmentally-friendly facility.

Commercial Real Estate

As an investor in commercial real estate, let Budderfly invest in you. Guaranteed savings reduce your exposure to the variability in energy costs. Working with Budderfly is the most powerful, simplest way to take control of building energy consumption and save money.


From big box stores to grocers to clothing and consumer goods outlets, your retail establishments realize significant aesthetic improvements and energy savings by using our new LED lighting solutions, proprietary monitoring and energy efficiency upgrades to disrupt the “business as usual” approach to energy expenses.

Higher Education

As a decision maker at an institution of higher learning, you’ll be happy to learn that Budderfly is the smartest, surest answer to upgrading and greening your energy infrastructure while graduating to a higher degree of budget-friendly savings from day one, without any need for capital investment.