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The Budderfly Effect

You Save From Day One


Simply put, Budderfly pays to upgrade your energy efficiency, guarantees you ten years of savings, and performs free ongoing monitoring and tech improvements like LED lighting, superior HVAC, renewable power sourcing, temperature and refrigeration monitoring and control, and much more. You simply enjoy the benefits.

Budderfly delivers guaranteed savings to you from day one as well as additional shared savings as we continually drive additional energy efficiencies throughout the entire duration of our partnership. We have millions of dollars in capital ready to invest in businesses like yours, and there is no catch. We’re happy to answer any and all of your questions and to begin this powerful, zero-risk partnership today.

It’s Happening Now


Thousands of our customers already know what the Budderfly Effect means to the way businesses use and save energy. Budderfly provides all of the capital and installs, maintains, and upgrades all the technology. We unlock and recover the wasted cost of inefficient energy consumption from your operations while allowing you to avoid costly capital investments. You simply enjoy a smaller, simpler energy bill, a greener facility, and the ability to focus your money where it belongs: growing your business. This one change is changing everything, across a growing range of industries.

Energy Expertise in Multiple Industries


Budderfly is changing the way businesses manage and save energy with customized, risk-free partnership solutions across a growing range of industries.

Community Centers (YMCAs)

If you manage a YMCA, JCC, or similar facility, Budderfly can pay for you to modernize and upgrade your energy using systems, boosting efficiency, creating immediate savings, and making your community center greener and more comfortable. Budderfly provides the capital for it all, so you can keep providing the programs and services your members count on. .

Community Colleges

Budderfly solves the equation of energy efficiency for your institution. You don’t need to spend any of your budget to secure a brighter, greener future and a better, more controlled campus environment. Budderfly provides 100% of the capital and technology needed for usage reductions and savings to begin immediately, guaranteed.

Commercial Properties

As an investor in commercial real estate properties, let Budderfly invest in you. Guaranteed savings reduce your exposure to the variability in energy costs. Working with Budderfly is the most powerful, simplest way to take control of building energy consumption and save money.

Convenience Retail

Going green and achieving 24/7 savings is easy with Budderfly. Upgrade your small grocery locations to premium LED lighting, superior HVAC, and specialized monitors for freezers, refrigeration units, and heated/cooled food serving areas, all installed, maintained, and guaranteed to provide savings that start immediately, with zero out-of-pocket costs.

Public Schools

What’s smarter than wasting time and money on a complicated RFP or a risky ESCO contract? Letting Budderfly provide your school system with immediate, guaranteed savings with no CAPEX increase, no budget contingency, and no project risk. From single school buildings to entire districts, Budderfly is the A+ solution.


From the most casual to the most refined, your restaurants can immediately save energy, reduce costs, improve operations, and create a greener, more pleasant dining and working environment. Budderfly has already transformed over 1,000 locations with our freezer and refrigeration monitors, superior HVAC and fan controls, premium interior and exterior LED lighting, and other specialized technology for food service facilities.

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