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Enterprise and corporate energy efficiency

Become a global leader in lower emissions and clean technology.

Energy as a service

How corporate leaders revolutionize their operations

What does it take to be a leader in sustainability?

It takes vision. It takes managerial excellence. It takes the ability to oversee projects across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations.

And it takes an energy-as-a-service partner who knows how to get the job done.

Budderfly is helping businesses reimagine their energy use from the top down. We’re going to work with you to introduce efficiency at scale, no matter how many locations need to change.

Experience. Expertise. Innovative vision. We think we have that in common. Let’s work together.



Learn how to improve your brand’s sustainability

What is unique about our approach?

Budderfly’s unique model is designed to introduce efficiency and sustainability at scale.

  • We take on all the risk and invest 100% of the capital.
  • We upgrade your facilities with cutting-edge equipment with no capital expense.
  • We streamline your complex utility bills into one bill for transparent costs and savings.
  • We manage suppliers and installation with minimal operational disruption.
  • We provide a fully-managed preventative maintenance program, saving you time and money.
  • We implement our innovative technology to further drive down energy usage and unlock the possibilities of greater efficiency.

See how energy-as-a-service works

Watch to see our scalable solutions in action

Headshot of Julia Burman.

“Our goal in launching the sustainability partnership with Budderfly is to generate a meaningful reduction in the carbon footprint of our portfolio and contribute to our primary objective of maximizing shareholder value.”

Julia Burman
Director of SustainabilityEssential Properties

Your blueprint for success

You’re in charge of overseeing savings and sustainability for your organization.

You want a partner who knows the unique needs of your business. We’ve been there. We have the experience to operate fast for your unique needs and transform your operations at scale.

How the Budderfly model works for corporate energy efficiency

How We Work With You

It’s simple: we work with you to craft the best energy use solutions for all your facilities.

We are experts in energy usage and reduction in your field. We know what it takes to create efficiency across an entire organization.

You know your needs. You know your targets. You know what it will take to meet them.

So let’s talk. We’re ready to get to work immediately so you start seeing energy reduction as soon as possible.

What You Get

  • Guaranteed energy savings throughout your facilities
  • Highest efficiency HVACs and upgrades
  • Consolidated energy management and operational efficiency
  • Equipment monitoring and preventative maintenance 7 days a week
  • Streamlined billing across all locations and full transparency into energy spending
  • Customer portal with data for operational insights and sustainability storytelling

Save money and be a leader in sustainability

You’ve got a bottom line to protect. You have to lower energy costs without compromising productivity.

You also have a vision you want to achieve. You want to become a leader in clean energy use without being too disruptive to your operations. It has to be easy to see change.

With Budderfly, there’s no contradiction. We take all the risk to continually lower usage across your facilities and deliver optimal outcomes. At the same time, you demonstrate a true commitment toward making all your operations cleaner. What does this mean?

  • A lower carbon footprint
  • A move toward solar and on-site battery-powered operations
  • Less dependence on fossil fuels
  • A north star for peers, investors, media, and potential employees

When you deploy energy-as-a-service, you do more than just lower usage. You become a place people want to work at, shop at, and invest in.

You become the future.

Construction workers working on a unit on top of a roof.

We’re investing in your future

Whether your goal is to save capital, open more franchises, or meet ESG goals across your operations, we’re your partner.

Our success is measured by reducing your waste. Let’s work together.

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