Let’s get to net-zero.

The Budderfly Mission

Transforming energy. Transforming business. Transforming the world.

What happens if we change how businesses use energy?

Lights that are left on. Refrigerators that break down. Inefficient HVAC units. Even the smallest energy mishaps add up, wasting money and cutting into profit margins.

What if we change that? What if we change how businesses use energy and monetize efficiency, transform waste into capital, and keep increasing efficiency at scale? What if we can do that without businesses having to spend their own money to achieve benefits?

When that happens, there is real change. We can help businesses run better. We can eliminate inefficiency. And that adds up to something big. That adds up to a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

That’s Energy-as-a-Service. And it’s in the service of something bigger than our business.

It’s our mission.

Aerial view of a large electic grid at night.

What does our mission mean for businesses?

Admittedly, we have pretty lofty goals. But no matter how much saving the planet means to you, we know business owners value saving money and making their businesses more energy efficient.

Sonic Solar Panels

That’s why the Budderfly Energy-as-a-Service model is all about aligning sustainability to profit. When you partner with us, you:

  • Break down silos
  • Consolidate your vendors
  • Get a brand new energy infrastructure
  • Become sustainable without cost or risk
  • Streamline your energy bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Share in the energy savings
  • Get a transparent look at every aspect of your facilities

Oh, and you do so without capital expenditure or upfront costs. We provide the capital and handle the installation, maintenance and monitoring. It’s how we empower your business to become more efficient.

Installation. Innovation. Inspiration.

We continuously create and reinvest in the future of your business (and our shared future) by:

Investing in a brand new infrastructure

Deploying cutting-edge energy technology

Providing behind the meter generation and storage

Budderfly team members smiling in the woods.

Upgrade your facilities, create a more sustainable world.

It’s all our mission.

We believe that taking small shared steps is how we move on the path to net-zero. It’s how we save money for businesses and reduce the impact of carbon. Our mission is to improve your business and leave the world a better place.

It’s ambitious. But it’s what motivates us.

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