Energy as a Service

Advanced energy-saving equipment & technology

Our technology. Your facility. The quickest way to see real change.

Providing advanced energy-saving equipment for your business

Intelligence, dedication, expertise: these are qualities that make your business run well. They’re also what we bring to equipping your facilities with the most cutting-edge energy equipment. This includes:

  • A new high efficiency HVAC system
  • Upgraded LED lighting
  • Solar solutions
  • Water controls
  • Refrigeration controls and monitoring
  • More

From the air you breathe to the way people perceive your business, your equipment matters. That’s why we never stop improving your operations.

A group of Carrier air conditioners stacked on top of each other in a warehouse.
Solar panels on the roof of a large warehouse.

How our equipment benefits your facility

The best equipment isn’t noticed by anyone. It just does its job. But the impact of our equipment makes a huge difference.

  • Better air quality with lower costs
  • Better lighting for better experiences
  • Less dependency on utilities for power
  • Smarter use of energy and water with considerably less waste
  • Future-proofed equipment that is continually upgraded

Everything we do is designed to create more energy-efficient, people-oriented facilities. With our upgrades, you’re equipped for the future.

Improvement in operations at Dunkin’

A Dunkin’ owner partnered with Budderfly to re-lamp stores and parking lots, put individual energy monitors on his circuits, and install new energy-efficient equipment at all six of his locations.

A variety of donuts.


Constant innovation leads to consistent growth

What do we do with the savings from reduced energy?

We innovate. We invent. We create even more efficient equipment, smarter monitoring technology, and more advances in streamlining services. You deserve a constant investment in your future, and that’s just what we do.

See more about our culture of innovation

A group of men sitting around a conference table.
Construction workers lifting large units on a roof.

Be equipped to meet your goals

Upgrading your equipment is a key part of Energy as a Service. We want to help you transform your operations, reduce usage, and become a leader in sustainability.

Talk to an energy efficiency expert about your business goals