How we innovate

Our cutting-edge technology enables real, measurable changes.

Investing in transformative technology

Our goal is to push energy technology forward.

It’s simple, really: today’s technology, implemented correctly, leads to savings. Those savings can be used to develop even better equipment, and smarter monitoring methods. That leads to even more savings.

And that leads us to create even better technology, in a positive-feedback loop of sustainable development.

We’re not waiting for energy tech to evolve. We’re transforming it, every day. And that makes a huge difference for your business.

Solar panels on top of a Sonic fast food restaurant.
A group of construction workers working on a large unit on a roof.

Energy efficient equipment

The most cutting-edge equipment for all parts of your facilities. This can include:

  • A new high-efficiency HVAC system
  • Upgraded LED lighting
  • Solar solutions
  • Water conservation
  • Refrigeration controls
  • Metering and monitoring
  • Smart thermostats
  • More

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Cutting-edge energy tech in your facility

Installation is just the beginning of our partnership.

As we invest savings in continuously-improving technology, your facilities become more and more efficient. This saves energy and creates a better working environment.

You’ll have increased energy efficiency through the life of our contract, and be at the cutting edge of sustainable tech.

Minimal disruptions. Maximum impact. A long-term partnership that powers your business.

Budderfly thermostat.
A man sitting at a desk and looking at three monitors.

Smart technology monitoring

We monitor everything that matters. We identify waste, adjusting activity in real time to create efficiency. We shift energy consumption to the most cost-effective times of the day, saving you money. We provide real-time alerts for easy management of issues such as:

  • Usage spikes anywhere in your facilities
  • Open refrigerator doors
  • Too high or too low temps
  • Inefficiently running equipment
  • Issues requiring technical support

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Constant innovation creates sustainable growth

Innovate. Save. Innovate some more. Push the boundaries of what is possible.

That’s the goal of every business — continually improving processes to become more efficient and possible. With the Budderfly program, energy savings and sustainability become key to your long-term success. We continually improve technology so you can continually increase profitability.

And the best part? You’re doing your part to create a healthier planet.

That’s what happens when you join us on the path to net-zero.

We’re investing in your future

Whether your goal is to save capital, open more franchises, or meet ESG goals across your operations, we’re your partner.

Our success is measured by reducing your waste. Let’s work together.

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