Energy as a Service

Smart energy management technology and monitoring

We track what’s happening in your facility. We make it more efficient.

One portal. Thousands of data points.

We measure energy consumption across your facilities for deep insights on where energy is wasted and where it can be saved.

Our smart energy monitoring software provide real-time alerts for things you can quickly solve. This includes:

  • Usage spikes anywhere in your facilities
  • Open refrigerator doors
  • Too high or too low temps
  • Inefficiently running equipment
  • Issues requiring technical support

Budderfly provides insight into your operations, and you can see everything in your customer portal.

Laptop showing Budderfly's energy management software.

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Smart technology customized for your facility’s needs

What does this get you? How does it help your business?

Waste gets identified.

Energy consumption is shifted to the most cost-effective times of the day.

Money is saved.

And the best part? We take care of everything. It’s how we continually improve your operations above and beyond new equipment. It’s a long-term partnership where we manage your energy output.

Constant innovation leads to consistent growth

What do we do with the savings from reduced energy?

We innovate. We invent. We create even more efficient equipment, smarter monitoring technology, and more advances in streamlining services. You deserve a constant investment in your future, and that’s just what we do.

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Be prepared to meet your goals

Monitoring your usage is a key part of Energy as a Service. We want to help you transform your operations, reduce usage, and become a leader in sustainability.

Talk to an energy efficiency expert about your business goals