Energy as a Service

Utility billing management technology and data

Simplify and streamline your billing.

Get simple bills, every month

Utility billing is complicated. Bills arrive at confusing times of the month and costs can be unpredictable. There’s little insight into what you’re being charged for and where you’re using the most energy.

Budderfly simplifies that. By taking charge of your energy operations, we demystify your billing. That means you get:

  • One predictable bill every month
  • Ability to plan expenses
  • Transparency on where you’re saving
  • Deep operational insights
  • Less time spent managing energy

You run your facilities. We make it easier to do so.

Laptop showing Budderfly's measuring and billing dashboard.
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Total transparency into your operations

We believe in total transparency. The Budderfly Customer Portal offers a centralized place to view all your locations’ energy performance and access billing information.

Your available metrics include:

  • Energy consumption
  • Energy saving
  • Energy expense savings
  • Energy performance by equipment type
  • Carbon emissions reduction

We’ll even let you know how many houses you could power with what you reduce. We help you measure and understand your positive impact.

Constant innovation leads to consistent growth

What do we do with the savings from reduced energy?

We innovate. We invent. We create even more efficient equipment, smarter monitoring technology, and more advances in streamlining services. You deserve a constant investment in your future, and that’s just what we do.

See more about our culture of innovation

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Be ready to meet your goals

Simplifying your billing is a key part of Energy as a Service. We want to help you transform your operations, reduce usage, and become a leader in sustainability.

Talk to an energy efficiency expert about your business goals