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How energy as a service can transform your business

We handle all the details and provide real outcomes.

What is Energy as a Service?

Zero expense. Zero risk. Your path to net zero.

Whether you own one franchise or 100, or oversee 10 locations or 10,000, energy management is complicated. Upgrades are expensive. The cost of getting it wrong is prohibitive.

It doesn’t have to be. When you partner with Budderfly, we provide all the capital, and you get a fully-outsourced, scalable model that delivers measurable results.

Our CommitmentYour Benefit
Energy reduction

Save energy by using the most up-to-date equipment, improving efficiency at every level of your operation.

Bill simplification

Get one simplified bill at the beginning of every month that will be up to 5% less than what you’d have otherwise paid.

Operational improvement

Improve your operations across the board by eliminating waste to provide a cleaner, healthier, and better employee and customer experience.

Continuous monitoring

Never worry about equipment breaking down — it’s our job to monitor and fix everything.

Sustainability leadership

Become a leader in green technology and clean energy solutions, meeting your goals and showcasing your values to the community.

OK, but how does it actually work?

There’s no catch. With our system, everyone wins. The more we help you save energy, the more you save in costs. The more you save, the greater impact you have on the planet.

Energy Evolved®

Futurize your equipment and gain energy productivity with energy efficiency and renewables.

We provide the most cutting-edge equipment for all parts of your facilities. This can include:

  • A new high efficiency HVAC system
  • Upgraded LED lighting
  • Battery and solar solutions
  • Water conservation
  • Refrigeration controls
  • Metering and monitoring
  • Smart thermostats
  • More

Learn more about our energy efficiency equipment

Large blue unit being lowered onto a roof.

Where your business is heading

Our unique energy as a service model

The Budderfly EaaS model is unlike any other. We invest 100% of the capital, making continual changes and investments that add up to real change and outcomes for our customers.

What makes us different?

Upgrade your energy efficiency

We invest capital to provide your facility better equipment, monitoring, and processes to lessen waste and increase efficiency.

Increase renewable energy

We incorporate cutting-edge solar energy sources to lower your costs and carbon footprint.

Deploy green technology

We continuously innovate new technology and methods to reduce your energy usage and emissions.

We’re going to look at your facilities and determine what works best for each one.

We scale to the size of your operations, and reduce costs across the board.

Budderfly thermostat.

Monitor your output

Reduce usage and improve operations.

We monitor everything that matters. We identify waste, adjusting activity in real time to create efficiency. We shift energy consumption to the most cost-effective times of the day, saving you money. We provide real-time alerts for easy management of issues such as:

  • Usage spikes anywhere in your facilities
  • Open refrigerator doors
  • Too high or too low temps
  • Inefficiently running equipment
  • Issues requiring technical support

Learn more about our smart technology monitoring solutions

You don’t have to worry about monitoring anything. We’ll take care of it for you.

You’re going to have a dedicated Customer Care Manager watching your facilities and making sure that you are continually reducing usage.

Lower your costs

Measure everything and get full transparency.

We’re transparent about all your savings. The Budderfly Customer Portal offers a centralized place to view all your locations’ energy performance, and access billing information.

Budderfly provides customers with key sustainability metrics such as:

  • Energy consumption
  • Energy saving
  • Energy expense savings
  • Carbon emissions reduction

Learn more about our measuring and billing technology

Man looking at a laptop showing Budderfly's energy management software.

These insights help you make continually better business decisions.

This is your business. These are your operations. You can see as much data as you want, down to how individual HVAC units are performing in specific rooms at 15-minute intervals.

One dashboard. Everything you want to know.

Our portal is designed to show you everything from big-picture costs to the details of your carbon footprint reduction. See how it works.

Investing in Constant Innovation

The future is even brighter

What does it mean to invest in innovation? It means more impactful data in reports — you can see how much greenhouse gas you are saving. It means continually enhancing monitoring equipment. It means using the most innovative solutions to deliver the best outcomes.

And most importantly? It means listening to you, learning your needs, and deploying new technology and processes around you. We’re going to find your biggest savings opportunities and make them a reality.

See more about our plans for your future

Sonic Solar Panels
man repairing HVAC

Let us invest in your energy management

With Budderfly, we take all the risk, so you can unlock the potential of your business with all the rewards. Let’s get to work.

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