Slice your energy use with SubEnergy.

No out-of-pocket costs. Register today.

SubEnergy offers your restaurant:

  • Guaranteed energy consumption savings immediately in your pocket
  • Full upgraded LED lighting, HVAC systems, Refrigeration, and Water Heating
  • Integrated 24/7/365 monitoring and operational analytics

No out-of-pocket costs, you pay less for your energy and enjoy the benefits, SubEnergy will:

  • Provide 100% of the capital and technology
  • Perform 100% of the installation and offer comprehensive maintenance packages
  • Assume 100% of the responsibility for delivering your benefits

How it works

Just SubEnergy immediately provides a guaranteed discount off monthly usage and installs numerous energy efficiency facility upgrades that convert wasted energy into savings to pay for the improvements. No cash out of your pocket.

Estimated value of $12,000* or more!

SubEnergy Restaurant upgrades contains significant energy saving upgrades for your restaurant’s lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, freezers, temperature monitoring and much more.

*Sample Component Value Estimated

  • Lighting $2,798
    10yr. Part and Labor Warranty
  • Refrigeration $2,400
  • HVAC Upgrades $2,850
  • Other Savings $2,500
  • Facility Grid $2,440

And more!

Who is eligible?

Most restaurants are eligible and meet the basic requirements to join the program. Register and SubEnergy will do all the work to configure your energy efficiency as a service solution.

What’s Included

Energy Expense Savings
  • Guaranteed monthly usage savings on your energy bill
  • Share of energy savings above 20%
Restaurant Upgrades:
  • LED Lighting throughout the location
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Digital Thermostat Integrated
  • Refrigeration/Freezer Controls
  • 24/7 Temperature Monitoring
  • Refrigeration/Freezer Fan Replacement
  • Facility Grid Enablement
  • Customer Dashboard and Analytics
  • HVAC Replacement
  • Renewable Energy Options


What does it cost to participate?

Nothing. Franchisees have no out-of-pocket costs to participate. All upgrades (LED lights, HVAC, refrigeration controls, etc.) with comprehensive, full-term parts and labor warranty, all associated services, software and billing are provided at no out-of-pocket costs.

Who can participate?

To qualify for this offer, the restaurant must meet the following criteria:
• Located in US or Canada
• Have direct billing from a utility (not a landlord)
• SubEnergy must be the utility account holder of record, a simple transfer

How does SubEnergy Program work?

SubEnergy guarantees energy savings and infrastructure upgrades with no Franchisee out-of-pocket costs through a unique, technology-enabled, long-term Energy as a Service solution. SubEnergy’s goal is to save more energy consumption over time. SubEnergy provides you a committed usage reduction first, uses the next to pay for the upgrades, then splits any ongoing savings over 20% with you after year 3.

SubEnergy provides you committed savings, restaurant upgrades, monitoring services, 10-year parts and labor warranty… you pay less for energy.

  • SubEnergy assumes the energy account from the utility and pays it on your behalf
  • SubEnergy will send you a comprehensive, reduced energy bill monthly and you will submit payment directly to SubEnergy not the utility
  • SubEnergy installs energy efficiency upgrades (approximate value to $12,000 or more) in your restaurant at no out-of-pocket cost to you
  • SubEnergy provides immediate savings of 4% on average off historical consumption upon installation of the first energy efficiency upgrades
  • SubEnergy shares savings from energy consumption reduction above 20% with you after year 3
  • SubEnergy amortizes the cost of all upgrades using a 10-year schedule (agreement term) at which point upgrades you own the upgrades
  • SubEnergy provides full 10-year parts and labor warranty on everything we install… if an LED light has a problem, just call us and we will fix it
  • SubEnergy collects energy and equipment operational data using IoT devices and the SubEnergy Cloud Software system
  • SubEnergy monitors environment, freezer and refrigeration temperatures and provides you alerts if they fall out of appropriate ranges
  • SubEnergy splits rate reductions from tariff or supplier changes with you 50/50
How does SubEnergy determine what Upgrades to install?

SubEnergy completes an initial restaurant survey and confirms applicable energy reducing upgrades to be installed. As technology improves or SubEnergy adds new solution components, we continue to improve your restaurant and reduce energy consumption. We are constantly researching and perfecting new methods and components to reduce energy consumption and increase your savings. This process continues throughout the term of the agreement which keeps your location up to date with energy savings technology.

What does the full warranty work?

During the term of the agreement, If there is any issue with any equipment we install, we will come to your restaurant and repair or replace it. No cost to you – period. All parts, labor, travel, etc. are covered. If we don’t discover the problem first with our monitoring, just contact us and we will address the issue..

How does SubEnergy's Utility billing work?
  • SubEnergy establishes an energy usage baseline using your actual historical consumption. This baseline we call the Average Monthly Usage (AMU)
  • SubEnergy places each utility account into its name so you pay from a SubEnergy invoice and no longer from your local utility
  • SubEnergy provides you a monthly committed energy consumption discount starting in the month after installation
  • SubEnergy pays the utility company and invests its capital funds for all the restaurant energy upgrades and services we provide
  • SubEnergy bills you at the beginning of each calendar month for that month’s energy based on the AMU less your committed discount
  • Your bill is calculated using the AMU less your committed discount multiplied by utility rates in force for the month being billed
How does SubEnergy HVAC replace program work?

In some locations, up to 50% of total energy use can come from heating and cooling. As part of our site assessment, SubEnergy will determine if an HVAC unit (whether a rooftop unit or split system) is at its end of life and calculate the resulting energy savings. If your restaurant qualifies, SubEnergy will offer full replacement of your HVAC unit with an advanced and highest efficiency unit from a national brand. SubEnergy will handle planning, installation, monitoring, and maintenance (pro-active and reactive) of every unit we replace at your restaurant with no out-of-pocket cost investment or work required from you.

Why is SubEnergy and better option than spending your own money to do the upgrades and get all the savings?

As with so many things, energy services are not as easy as they may seem at first look:

  • Ask why your customers do not cook at home? Performance and results are just better when you’re an expert
  • As technical and installation expert we bring our experience working on thousands of locations and more than 20 technologies
  • Synergistically we can maximize energy savings and avoid unexpected consequences of incompatible solutions – your local vendors cannot.
  • Managing the planning, ordering and installing of very complex high efficiency systems is not something anyone wants to do for the first time
  • We order everything – even complex HVAC systems – in big numbers, we have installation down to a science – we can do this for less than you
  • Most important, because we are selling you a long-term service (in exchange for a share of the savings) everything must perform for a long time
  • There is no other energy efficiency as service business model that provides you with a partner who actually has such a level of shared interest
  • If you have another proposal from anyone else, even an internal group, let us show you how we are able to bring you more value in the long-run.

*To view the complete terms and conditions of the program, please refer to the EMO contract prior to execution