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Energy Efficient Restaurants

Let Us Pay For You To Go Green

Lower Your Average Cost of Utilities for a Restaurant


Budderfly is more than an energy outsourcing company; we are Restaurant Energy Efficiency Specialists, helping restaurants transform to meet every new challenge and opportunity. Let Budderfly pay for your restaurant upgrades to deliver important benefits such as:

  • Guaranteed, immediate energy savings in your pocket and throughout your restaurants
  • Premium interior and exterior LED lighting
  • Improved food safety, product quality, and health code compliance
  • Better-looking, more comfortable restaurant environments
  • Multi-level HVAC upgrades and temperature monitoring
  • Heat reclamation and ventilation controls
  • Extended equipment life

All at zero out-of-pocket cost!

(855) 659-4190

Shelton, CT Office

2 Trap Falls Road, Suite 310

Shelton, CT 06484

Make The Change Today

Let Budderfly pay for you to save money, energy, and the world. That isn’t a mission statement or a sales pitch: it’s the very real way Budderfly is already doing business in thousands of restaurants. Find out how yours can become one of them!

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