Scaling Clean Podcast Episode Features Budderfly CEO Al Subbloie

August 29, 2022 – Budderfly CEO Al Subbloie was featured on an episode of Scaling Clean, a podcast for cleantech CEOs, investors and the people who advise them.

Episode description: “Pay attention to this episode, cleantechers, because it’s a good one. As our readers know, we designed the Scaling Clean podcast to bring you management and leadership wisdom from experienced company leaders. We’ve got a heavily experienced growth company CEO for you in this episode who is lighting up the traditionally workhorse energy-efficiency sector.

But first, a bit of context; the climate destruction crisis keeps accelerating, and yet here in the U.S. we waste an astounding 40% of all the electricity we generate. We can and should – build a lot of renewable energy capacity. But if we keep wasting nearly half of what we produce, we’re not going to move the American economy onto a more sustainable footing. That’s why those who are driving outcomes in the workhorse sector of energy efficiency are some of the unsung leaders of the clean economy. And today I get to talk with one of those leaders who is avowedly out to build a profitable company and “save the world” from energy waste by eliminating the friction in energy efficiency.

Al Subbloie is the CEO of the energy efficiency as a service company, Budderfly, based in Shelton, Connecticut. Budderfly has 125 employees operating in 49 states with a growth rate of well over 50% for this year. And this is the third company Al’s built. As Al describes it, he “starts companies, and then runs them for a long time.” That’s why I know you’ll find this episode rich in lessons on how to build and run dynamic cleantech companies.”

Listen to the episode here.