Budderfly Announces Release of Next Generation IoT Energy Devices


SHELTON, Conn., Mar 15, 2017 — Budderfly Inc (www.budderfly.com), a leading provider of energy management solutions has released a line of IoT enabled products that provide an unparalleled ability to measure, manage, and control energy consumption at a granular level throughout a facility. This line of products includes commercial grade light switches, electrical outlets, occupancy sensor power packs and power strips. Each of these IoT enabled devices contains embedded metering and third remote management functionality.

“Having intelligence and network connectivity at the point of energy consumption provides the fine-grained data and control capabilities needed to maximize energy savings without disrupting the behavior of individuals or systems within the organization,” said Al Subbloie Founder and CEO of Budderfly. “Our IoT energy devices are a critical component of our facility grid. Together with our patent pending software, they create an interconnected layer of intelligent sensors that helps to drive maximum energy efficiency within the facility.”

Data gathered by the IoT connected devices is continuously monitored by the Budderfly Network Operations Center using intelligent software to trigger alerts that are acted upon in real-time. Most issues are identified and resolved before they are noticed by the customer. This element of the Budderfly Energy as a Service (EaaS) offering adds focus to issues that previously went unnoticed. This added benefit combined with continuous attention to energy savings assures that both operational and financial goals are achieved.

Budderfly has pioneered and deployed thousands of intelligent network enabled devices for various industries across the United States. Leveraging the latest advances in micro electronics and wireless network technology Budderfly will continue to enhance its family of intelligent IoT enabled devices.

About Budderfly

The Budderfly solution meters and controls energy usage at the point of consumption. Budderfly creates a facility grid using IoT electrical measurement and control devices that maximize energy savings. Each Budderfly IoT device includes a specially designed power measurement circuit that is coupled with a reliable communications system to deliver real-time consumption and control functionality. Budderfly IoT devices are specifically designed for multiple applications such as lighting, plug load, HVAC, motion sensing and light sensing, using the existing wireless building communications infrastructure to create a dedicated network of energy monitoring and energy consuming devices known as the Budderfly On Premise Energy Network.