Budderfly Unveils Energy Efficiency as a Service, Offering No Cost Energy Expense Savings


Combines Energy Intelligence Technology with Free Energy Efficient and Capital Investment Upgrades to Deliver Immediate, Significant and Progressive Energy Savings

SHELTON, CT – January 09, 2018 – Budderfly today announced the official launch of its Energy Efficiency as a Service (EaaS) offering for commercial customers. Poised to disrupt the fragmented energy industry, Budderfly’s unique EaaS model immediately elevates a building’s energy efficiency, requiring no capital investment by the customer.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure, so rather than relying on the utility meter outside of a building, Budderfly’s approach takes the guesswork out of energy efficiency by measuring and controlling usage at the point of consumption,” said Al Subbloie, CEO and founder, Budderfly. “We invest in and implement impactful energy efficiency upgrades that drive meaningful bottom-line energy savings to our customers. With Budderfly’s EaaS, there is no out of pocket capital cost to our customers and they immediately benefit from paying a lower price for energy to us, rather than to their utility.”

The expense and complexity of choosing, purchasing, installing and managing energy-saving capital improvements can prevent organizations from getting projects off the ground. Budderfly overcomes these barriers by providing the expertise, investments, technology and labor necessary to make these cutting-edge energy upgrades a reality. Budderfly also provides the on-going maintenance and repair which keeps the upgrades optimized and provides further continuous cost savings to their customers.

“Most companies simply don’t have the time, money or expertise to achieve optimal energy efficiency and expense reductions within their buildings,” continued Subbloie. “We do all of this on behalf of our customers or work directly with their energy staffs, while simultaneously providing them immediate, real, and impactful energy savings. We eliminate the complexity of dealing with hundreds of vendors across many point solution savings categories, combining more than 25 distinct savings areas into one unique solution. We eliminate the effort and frustration of researching savings elements, engaging vendors, and attempting to fund significant capital projects.”

Budderfly’s EaaS model offers more than physical infrastructure improvements. It’s proprietary IoT-enabled devices capture detailed usage data, providing real-time, automated control, eliminating the need for customers to constantly review reports and make manual changes to optimize energy usage. Budderfly’s Big Data repository and analytics layer delivers actionable business intelligence that goes beyond rudimentary reporting of energy consumption data. Customers are provided with unique operational and environmental insights that assist them in monitoring and optimizing their businesses processes and equipment. Budderfly’s comprehensive Energy Management Software (EMS) is the glue that binds and controls the many point solution components together, continuously monitoring, managing, and optimizing each facility’s energy ecosystem, providing real-time control, ongoing summary and in-depth consumption analysis, proactive situational alerts, and identification of additional savings opportunities that the Budderfly then implements on behalf of the customer. The company’s software and hardware solutions are supported by numerous patents and trademark protections.

Budderfly is also driven to mainstream the adoption of renewables, such as solar and wind solutions, with the goal of making them practical and attainable for businesses through creative alternatives and implementations. With every energy reduction that Budderfly’s EaaS program provides, the company is simultaneously reducing carbon emission and empowering organizations to create a more sustainable future. Each energy upgrade Budderfly implements leads to immediate energy savings and creates a more energy-efficient, comfortable working environment for building occupants, staff and visitors, which ultimately increases the value of a customer’s property, productivity of its workers, and positive experiences of their own customers.

For more information on Budderfly’s EaaS program, visit www.budderfly.com.

About Budderfly

Budderfly is disrupting the energy industry by leading the digital transformation of energy consumption through its unique Energy Efficiency as a Service model. With no cost to its clients, Budderfly implements proprietary energy intelligence software, energy efficient technology upgrades that span more than 25 savings categories, and IoT devices that meter, control, and optimize energy usage at the point of consumption within each facility across the enterprise. Budderfly’s ongoing services and proactive maintenance ensure that a building’s energy infrastructure never becomes outdated. The result is significant, immediate and progressive energy expense savings, upgraded facilities, and a reduced carbon footprint for its client facilities.

For more information, visit www.budderfly.com or follow us on Twitter @BudderflyInc