Budderfly Brings Solar to Mystic Manor HealthCare, a Ryders Health Management Facility Expanding Its Outsourced Energy Management Services 

  • Budderfly’s energy efficiency solutions are installed at three Connecticut facilities and will abate more than 4,800 tons of carbon emissions over the course of the 10-year contract, the equivalent of taking 1,038 gas-powered cars off the roads for one year 
  • Budderfly is installing a 317kW solar system to maximize Mystic Manor’s energy savings, which is on target to be operational by Q2 2023 

SHELTON, CT – February 9, 2023 – Budderfly, the premier sustainability partner for businesses with repeatable footprints, today announced that Mystic Manor Healthcare will receive solar panels to provide additional energy savings as part of Budderfly’s holistic, single-vendor solution for outsourced energy management. Budderfly’s solutions will deliver more than 3,400 MWh of energy savings and produce 3,500 MWh of onsite solar energy over the course of Ryders’ 10-year contract. The impact on carbon emissions reduction is the equivalent of taking 1,038 gasoline-powered cars off the roads for a year. 

Ryders Health Management is a family-owned management company for independent skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers operating in Connecticut. In 2018, Ryders partnered with Budderfly to install energy efficiency technologies and equipment upgrades and provide ongoing measurement, monitoring, and maintenance for its Mystic Healthcare facility. Noting the positive impact the bright LED lighting and high efficiency HVAC systems had on the mood and comfort of staff and patients, the company decided to install Budderfly at additional facilities during the pandemic, when a boost to morale and enhanced care was especially needed. Budderfly’s program was subsequently rolled out to Ryders’ Lord Chamberlain location in 2020 and Cheshire House location in early 2022, with plans to expand to all seven locations.  

Budderfly’s solutions are provided at zero upfront cost to the customer. Budderfly funds the investment in its customers through a share of the energy cost savings generated by efficiency upgrades and the management and monitoring of energy use and demand. 

“We’re in the business of keeping people healthy, and that extends to being better stewards of the environment,” said Martin Sbriglio, RN, DHL, and CEO of Ryder’s Health Management. “Partnering with Budderfly allows us to conserve capital expenditures and operating costs so that more funds can be invested in providing the best level of care for our patients.”  

The installation of energy efficient LED lights has dramatically improved the occupant experience, while reducing lighting energy usage by more than 50 percent. Having bright lighting in medical facilities that cater to older patients is particularly beneficial as many have failing eyesight. Budderfly LED lighting has a lifespan of 10 years, so staff do not have to worry about unexpected outages or bulb replacements, allowing them to stay focused on more important tasks.  

The addition of a 317 kW rooftop solar system at the Mystic facility will drive further reductions in utility energy consumption and improve sustainability outcomes, enabling Ryders to offset 95% of the facility’s annual energy consumption with no-cost, emissions-free power. The solar system is expected to be operational by June 2023. 

In light of the pandemic, air quality control has become increasingly important to healthcare facilities. Budderfly specially selected energy efficient HVAC units with an ultraviolent pathogen elimination system for Ryders’ facilities to help reduce the spread of airborne illnesses and improve the quality of care it provides to approximately 700 patients a year. Staff receives real-time alerts when any equipment issues arise, helping to prevent any disruption in operations. In the case of a refrigerator or freezer malfunction, this service feature can prevent significant financial losses in wasted food as well.  

“Ryders Health is one of our longest-standing customers and serves as a premier example of the sustainability, cost, and patient experience benefits that outsourced energy management can offer small- to medium-sized businesses,” said Al Subbloie, founder and CEO of Budderfly. “Our mission has always been to provide customers with holistic energy management solutions, and we’re thrilled to mark the addition of solar to our comprehensive offering through our partnership with Ryders Health.” 

About Budderfly 

Budderfly, ranked as one of the fastest-growing Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) companies in the United States, is the premier sustainability partner for businesses with repeatable footprints, such as restaurant chains, assisted living facilities, retail franchises, and more. Budderfly installs, monitors, and manages a combination of patented technologies, equipment upgrades, and proprietary energy software for its customers at no out-of-pocket cost. Businesses benefit with lower energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint, more reliable operations, and an improved customer and employee experience. Budderfly ranked #2 in energy companies and #10 overall on the 2021 Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies list. For more information visit www.budderfly.com or follow us on LinkedIn @Budderfly-Inc.  

About Ryders Health 

Ryders Health Management is a family-owned management company for independent skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers, Home Health Care & Companion Services, and Outpatient Rehabilitation. Ryders provides a full continuum of post-acute care through its eight facilities across Connecticut.