1600th Facility Contracted!


SHELTON, CT – March 2, 2020 – Budderfly Inc. (www.budderfly.com), a leading provider of business energy management solutions announced it has contracted its 1600th customer facility for its Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) offering.

Budderfly brings an innovative approach to the emerging EEaaS market, with a unique business model that delivers an energy management solution that provides significant, guaranteed energy savings at no cost to the customer. Budderfly’s advanced software, patented energy Internet of Things (IoT) measurement and control devices, and numerous energy-saving facility components and upgrades are all included as part of the investment Budderfly makes in every customer facility.

“We make going green financially feasible,” said Al Subbloie, founder and CEO of Budderfly. “Our continued success and growth are based entirely on the real, scalable, immediate savings we deliver for our customers while shrinking their carbon footprint. It’s the best of both worlds, and Budderfly’s unique combination of complete funding, cutting-edge technology, and uncompromising service makes it easy.”

Energy efficiency awareness and pressure are growing trends across of all types of businesses, and Budderfly offers a single, powerful answer to these challenges. Budderfly has experienced key expansion in the restaurant, commercial real estate, healthcare, retail, and food production industries in recent months. Universally, Budderfly’s clients realize significant energy savings, aesthetic upgrades to their facilities, and improved environments for their customers, tenants, and employees.

“Energy efficiency is where businesses can make the biggest difference for their bottom line and their world, starting immediately,” noted Subbloie. “Saving energy is saving everything: money, resources, and the future of the planet. We provide the financing and technology that make this profitable, crucial change nearly effortless for our customers.”

About Budderfly

Budderfly is disrupting the energy industry by leading the digital transformation of energy consumption through its unique Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) model. Without any cost to its clients, Budderfly implements proprietary energy intelligence software, energy efficient technology upgrades that span more than 25 savings categories, and IoT devices that meter, control, and optimize energy usage at each point of consumption within each facility across the enterprise. Budderfly’s ongoing services and proactive maintenance ensure that a building’s energy infrastructure never becomes outdated. The result is significant, immediate, and progressive energy expense savings, upgraded facilities, and a reduced carbon footprint for Budderfly’s client facilities.

For more information, visit www.budderfly.com