By the Numbers

*an example Budderfly project


average annual energy spend

10% to 25%

savings grow from Year 1 to 5

1,100,000 sq ft

of building space


Budderfly EaaS devices installed


invested in upgrades by Budderfly

Follow Our Typical Installation Timeline

Budderfly eliminates lengthy ROI’s and uncertain investments by taking on all the risk and guaranteeing you savings that progressively grow over time.  Keep scrolling to learn more about what you can expect from Month 1 to Year 3 of your Budderfly project.

Contractually-guaranteed savings start Day 1.

Select a month above to see an example Budderfly installation month-by-month.

*All numbers and percentages shown are based off of previous or current Budderfly projects. Exact figures will vary by project and will be determined during Budderfly’s evaluation of your facilities.

Month 1

Budderfly devices are installed, you’re guaranteed an instant 10% bill reduction

Budderfly’s first step is an analysis of your building and energy spend. We’ll assume responsibility for your current utility billing under our EaaS solution. You receive an immediate 10% reduction from what you were previously spending. We remove all the complexity of the 30+ energy savings categories that may be applicable to your facilities.

Budderfly installers then outfit your building with our IoT energy measurement and control devices like switches, outlets, sensors, and other energy saving devices. They’ll work in conjunction with our EMS software to measure, automate, control, and reduce your building’s energy footprint. No lengthy capital budget and approval requirements… you pay nothing for the upgrades.


Month 6

EMS refinements continue to decrease your energy consumption, Budderfly has installed many facility upgrades

During the first six months with Budderfly, our devices determined when and where your energy is used. Our software and analytics automated improvements and reductions without impacting your operations.

Budderfly is also well into installing the appropriate capital energy upgrades like LED lighting, voltage management, or HVAC improvements… all at no cost to you. All you do is pay your new, lowered monthly energy bill and enjoying the savings.

Year 1

Additional capital upgrades like solar and HVAC components have been installed

What a year. Budderfly installed important energy capital upgrades making your facility smarter, more efficient, and greener. The best part? You didn’t wait years to see savings, they started Day 1 with Budderfly. 

Now it’s time to see just how much energy and money we can save you. Going into year two, you’ll get contractually-committed, increasing savings on your energy bill. We’ll determine if larger Budderfly-funded energy infrastructure upgrades are appropriate like solar, insulation coatings, or HVAC upgrades.


Year 3 and Beyond

Significant infrastructure upgrades have been made as your savings have increased

Each year as Budderfly has invested more into your building and reduced your energy consumption, which has in turn lowered your monthly energy bill. Budderfly’s EMS has continuously analyzed consumption patterns and identified addition savings opportunities.

Our EMS platform includes both desktop and mobile access through MyBudderfly, which gets users and employees involved with lowering their personal energy consumption even more.

Let’s get down to the details. Request a 30-minute briefing today to learn more.

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