Budderfly provides a family of Internet of Things (IoT) electrical devices or “Adaptors” designed for a wide range of commercial energy applications. Each Budderfly IoT device includes a specially designed power measurement circuit that is coupled with a reliable communications system to deliver real-time consumption and control functionality. Budderfly IoT devices are specifically designed for multiple different applications, such as lighting, plug load, HVAC, motion sensing and light sensing. Budderfly IoT devices can use the existing wireless building communications infrastructure to create a dedicated network of energy monitoring and consuming devices know as the “Budderfly On Premise Energy Network.”

Each Budderfly Hardware system is specifically configured, designed and installed based on the Customers needs and building infrastructure configuration. Our Hardware system includes Adaptors for lighting control applications, plug-load management, power-metering measurement, as well as other commercial and industrial applications.




Lighting controls.

Budderfly offers a variety of light switches and occupancy sensor power packs to manage your building's lighting. (Learn More) 















Plug loads.

Budderfly offers a variety of devices to manage
plug loads within your building. (Learn More)

Power metering.

Budderfly's Power Meter and sub-metering integration give you a complete picture of energy consumption in your building. (Learn More)













Connectivity devices.

Budderfly's Connectivity Packages enable your building's power wires to be the communications backbone that lets you control and manage Budderfly Adaptors. (
Learn More)