Budderfly offers a line of Adaptors designed to measure and control electric plug loads within your building. Our plug load Adaptors feature a variety of different power outlets and a power strip. Simply replace your standard power receptacles or plug our power strip into your existing outlets and you'll be ready to track and control your energy consumption down to each individual power-consuming device. 




Power Outlets

Budderfly has developed and manufactured a Measure-Only Outlet, and a Controllable Outlet (1 of the 2 receptacles is controllable). Using our Budderfly hosted applications on either a desktop or mobile devices will allow individuals or facility managers to view consumption data for each outlet as well as manage and control the adaptor locally or remotely. Within the outlet there is a meter recording real-time energy consumption of the plug load monitored and controlled by that outlet.

The Measure-Only Outlet features two 20A receptacles that are measure-only. The Controllable Outlet features one receptacle that is controllable and one receptacle that is measure-only. The Controllable Outlet provides a 15A receptacle that can be controlled via the Budderfly application software or from a pushbutton switch on the front of the receptacle.

Each Budderfly Outlet is a decora-style, plug-and-play replacement for your existing building outlets. Each Budderfly Outlet contains an internal power meter and communications capabilities that enable the outlet to communicate real-time energy consumption data to the Budderfly software system. 
























Power Strip

The Budderfly Power Strip is a 6-outlet power extension strip. Using the Budderfly Power Strip, which is compatible with “Budderfly Open Network,” allows the measurement of the plugged-in devices' energy consumption and communicates the data to a Budderfly Facility Controller. All plugged in devices are surge protected.  Three (3) plugs can be remotely controlled from the Budderfly software application. The Budderfly Power Strip also contains 4 USB ports for charging mobile devices, 2 of the USB ports can be controlled from the Budderfly software applications.