In addition to monitoring your plug loads and typical lighting devices, you may need additional devices to fully capture the entire picture of your building's energy consumption. Budderfly offers additional metering devices that you'll be able to hardware into your building in order to collect additional date. These devices include a Budderfly Power Meter that works in conjunction with our RF light switches. Budderfly also offers the capability to tie into third-party sub-panel meter companies.




Budderfly Power Meter

The Budderfly Power Meter is intended to monitor the activity of Budderfly no-neutral light switches and report the cumulative energy to the “Facility Controller” when user selectable power change is detected.   Additionally this device can be used to monitor the energy consumption of any 20A electrical load at voltages up to 277V.





























Third-Party Sub-Panels

Budderfly has incorporated the ability to integrate and communicate with various third-party sub-panel meter companies. When using subpanel metering within the system, Budderfly can provide the User with panel measurement consumption of disaggregated load types and statistics at a macro level in a building and then be able to “drill down” and provide a micro, granular level view of where energy is being consumed using the Budderfly devices.  By providing actionable and timely energy consumption data to building owners and operators through energy monitoring of disaggregated load types, electrical energy consumption can be reduced.