Budderfly offers a line of Adaptors designed to measure and control the power consumption of lighting devices within your building. Our lighting devices feature a variety of different light switches in addition to a Power Pack device designed to integrate with lighting controlled by occupancy sensors. Simply replace your standard light switches or install Power Packs wherever you have occupancy sensors and you'll be ready to track and control your energy consumption down to each individual light within your building. 




Light Switches

switch controls are usually configured to automatically turn off lights during non business hours, when no occupants are to be expected in the controlled space. Using our Budderfly hosted applications on either a desktop or mobile devices will allow individual users to view consumption data for this switch as well as manage and control one or more adaptors throughout the enterprise. Within the Budderfly intelligent switch there is a meter recording real-time energy consumption of the lighting load controlled by that switch. Budderfly also offers a Dual Band Single Pole Switch, a Dual Band Multi-Way Switch, a Dimmer Switch, as well as an RF Switch for no-neutral applications.

The Budderfly RF Switch provides a battery-powered solution to replace installed switches that lack the presence of a neutral wire.  It creates an RF link to communicate with Budderfly RF Outlets, that communicate with the Budderfly Facility Controller and software system. The Multi-Way Switch is specific for applications where one lighting load is controlled by more than one switch. The Dimmer Switch offers dimming functionality for the connected light fixtures.

All Budderfly Light Switches are Decora-style, plug-and-play replacements for your existing building switches. 






















Power Pack

The Budderfly Power Pack is a plug-and-play replacement for your existing building Power Packs (Occupancy Sensing Interface). It provides low voltage power and line voltage control for the occupancy sensors.  Used in conjunction with the Budderfly application software the device provides metering of the connected load as well as the ability to control the connected load and override the command/state of the directly connected occupancy sensor.