Installing Budderfly Adaptors like outlets, switches, occupancy sensors, and HVAC controls into your building will transform your building’s electrical distribution system into the Budderfly OPEN Network (On Premise Energy Network). The Adaptors use a dual-band communications system that sends data wirelessly and over the power line to a facility controller. Budderfly offers a line of connectivity devices that will allow you to control devices connected to your power line through the internet with Budderfly software.




Budderfly Facility Controller

The Budderfly Facility Controller is industrial control processor that integrates and manages lighting, HVAC, plug load, and metering systems via an integrated wireless mesh communications network using RF 910 MHz communication technology and with Power Line Communication (PLC). Management and control functions are configured, monitored, and using a browser-based interface.  The facility controller also supports BACnet so you can integrate our energy management system with your existing building automation system and vice versa.

The Budderfly Facility Controller is a compact small form factor computer that is designed for most commercial and industrial applications. The unit features a fan-less thermal design with natural air convection cooling that is low noise and has extremely low power consumption and is shipped with mounting brackets for wall mounted applications.





















Budderfly Hubs

The Budderfly Connectivity Package also includes Access Points and Power Line Modems. Access Points bridge together the different electric power phases in your building so Budderfly can access all your devices. Access Points may not be necessary in smaller applications with single phase buildings, but at least one Access Point is necessary for all thermostat installations.

A Power Line Modem is required to link your power lines with the Budderfly Facility Controller. The Power Line Modem centrally collects the bridged data from your power wires and 910 MHz wireless signals.

Supporting remote clusters of Budderfly Adaptors may require the addition of an Insteon Hub. This device provides a means of bridging clusters of devices within a facility by wirelessly communicating with the Adaptors' 910 MHz radios and extending their effective range. This is done by transferring their messages onto a wired Ethernet segment that is interconnected to the Budderfly Facility Controller.